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  1. F5 303
  2. GCIH Practice Exam
  3. eLearningSecurity Certification Before OSCP
  4. Advanced Penetration Testing cybrary.it course
  5. Please help. Cert advice needed
  6. CIPP/E Advice
  7. Bash, Powershell and Python Oh MY!
  8. How valuable/useful are SANS certs?
  9. Which MCSE course works nicely with Security certifications?
  10. Web App pentest cert - eWPT or CEH
  11. Let CCNA/CCENT expire?
  12. How you guys learning and learned Buffer Overflow ?
  13. What's it like to be a penetration tester/Ethnical Hacker?
  14. Sony - hacked again??
  15. Free training resource, requesting feedback re: web app security + pentesting
  16. eCPPT over here, even though everyone I know is doing the OSCP
  17. What is simplest, overview type, cloud security course and certificate?
  18. What are some of the free Infosec certs that one can obtain online?
  19. Advice for my Infosec Situation
  20. Need advice regards security (pentesting) path
  21. eCPPT or Go Straight to OSCP?
  22. CyberCop's OSCP blog
  23. Symantec 250-424: Administration of Data Loss Prevention 14.5
  24. eLearnSecurity's eWPT certification
  25. eLearnSecurity Web Application Penetration Testing eXtreme (eWPTX) Review
  26. OSCP - aka: Running head first into a brick wall - a journey
  27. eLearnSecurity Mobile Application Penetration Testing (eMAPT) Review
  28. Hugely disappointed in Elearnsecurity- outdated, not working
  29. eLearnSecurity eMAPT review
  30. Confessions of a Web Security Student
  31. elearnsecurity related questions
  32. Honest eLearnSecurity PTSv3 review
  33. eLearnSecurity Web Application Penetration Testing (eWPT) Review
  34. Question about Web Application Penetration Testing - WAPT
  35. eCPPT
  36. Autonomy in InfoSec
  37. Security Professional Cert
  38. eLearnSecurity eJPT review
  39. Certs for SOC Analyst (and beyond - other security jobs)
  40. eLearnSecurity/Caendra
  41. eLearnSecurity Exam Format
  42. Pentest Training
  43. incident handling course?
  44. ISO 27001 Internal Auditor Practice Exams
  45. eLearningSecurity Advanced Web Application Penetration Tester (eWPTX) Review
  46. Where should I start for InfoSec
  47. Starting OSCP journey on Sat 16th Sep!
  48. What cert to go for?
  49. ECIH and GCIH Similarities/Differences
  50. A little torn on ELearnSecurity's latest marketing campaign
  51. Path to Begin for Security Professional
  52. InfoSec Student Advice
  53. OSCP Starts This Weekend(9/2/17)!
  54. Ethical Security Pen testing bundle?
  55. Getting into the Security industry - certs
  56. Updated OSCP Prep
  57. Ambiguous OSCP exam restrictions
  58. PenTest Magazine security courses?
  59. OSCP Prep - Virtual Hacking Lab
  60. Enough cash for just...
  61. Career wise, OSCP or CEH?
  62. GSEC for a starting security professional
  63. IS PCIP worth opting in the below scenario?
  64. Passed eWPT
  65. Are you interested or committed?
  66. eCPPT, eCRE, eNDP for OSCP/OSCE owners
  67. eJPT Review 8/14
  68. eJPT Review
  69. elearn security WAPT course review
  70. Trying Harder, an OSCP Journey
  71. OSCP Loot Script
  72. GCIA Equivalent
  73. Cybersecurity Certificate from Harvard University
  74. No eJPT.... it's the OSCP 4 ME! The Beginning of my Journey starts.....
  75. router for oswp
  76. eJPT ( eLearnSecurity Junior Penetration Tester ) Review
  77. Thoughts on ECSA before taking on the OSCP?
  78. Stats on global cert holder, by cert?
  79. eLearnSecurity PTS v3 - Free course voucher
  80. Forensic certifications closest to OSCP level of learning
  81. reviewing eJPT 29-07-2017
  82. OSCP Lab/Exam Report
  83. OSCP Journey
  84. CDSE Security Fundamentals Professional Certification (SFPC)
  85. Route to OSCP - non-techie
  86. Security awareness training for CEOs
  87. OSCP Journey Starts 08/13
  88. Continue on my current path?
  89. Looking at taking the Certified Authorization Professional Certification (CAP)
  90. How much does certification help you in your career?
  91. Certified Network Defender (CND)
  92. oscp exam restriction
  93. voucher code oscp
  94. Dradis on OSCP - Cloud9 vs Local on Linux
  95. OSCE Log
  96. IT Pro Journey into Security?
  97. Pentesting course advise
  98. OSCP Prep
  99. Mile2 Trinity Certifications Quest Complete
  100. SSCP in the pocket, what next?
  101. discount code / promo for elearn security
  102. Is elearnsecurity courses worth to take for beginners?
  103. Non-technical Forensics
  104. OSCP vs ECCPT
  105. CIPT Exam Review
  106. How recognized is the eJPT?
  107. eJPT labs/exam question
  108. eLearnSecurity WAPT Journey
  109. Another OSCP Review
  110. Breaking into InfoSec
  111. Looking to get my foot into IT Security, need some guidance.
  112. ElearnSecurity Interaction
  113. Infosec group
  114. SANS Certification compare with ISC2 and ISACA
  115. eLS PTP technical question
  116. The best order of certification for a beginner Information security Expert
  117. eJpt Question
  118. Help in OSCP repot
  119. Crest cct infrastructure
  120. Passed eJPT - My Experience
  121. OSCP Policy Change
  122. SEC511 or CISSP bootcamp? (Quick feedback appreciated!)
  123. Free Cyber Security and Forensics training material!!
  124. Accessdata FTK Advanced Windows Forensics training - worth it?
  125. Best blue team certs to have?
  126. Guidance After CEH
  127. Just Another OSCP Journey
  128. Career Advice - - Please Help
  129. Information Security Certification path
  130. Advice for after the CEH
  131. Virtual Hacking Labs
  132. Discord OSCP Channel
  133. McAfee Product SpecialistóNSP ma0-101 exam
  134. ISO/IEC 27032 Lead Cybersecurity Manager PECB
  135. Passed eJPT just now.
  136. Getting ready for OSCP final exam && Fun with buffer overflows cheat sheet attached
  137. Self-study preparations for OSCP
  138. Started WAPT
  139. OSCP - thinking of just going for it ...
  140. ejpt and Password lists- where to find them?
  141. My 2 year OSCP journey is finally over!
  142. Advice required
  143. CISA and CAP
  144. OSCP - Start Date 28/5/17
  146. Easiest way to attain DoD 8570 IAT Level II
  147. My eJPT thread
  148. OSCP's ability to gauge Linux knowledge
  149. Suggestions regarding Security Certification
  150. BCS - CISMP Preparation
  151. New OffSec certification. You're welcome
  152. My OSCP Diary
  153. Took OSWP exam today!!
  154. eLearnSecurity WAPT or Web App Courses
  155. Has anyone ever heard of international Fraternity of Cybercrime Investigators
  156. Help with choosing security role
  157. cheap options to get certified in ISO 27001 lead implementer?
  158. Learning: Assembly, Shellcode, Buffer Overflows, Debuggers
  159. windows for oscp
  160. PCI & bank industry certification ?
  161. Kali Linux on VMware?
  162. eJPT Full or Elite?
  163. Can a HIDS crash a windows computer?
  164. Question for you eCPPT -> OSCP people
  165. OSCP One Month in, First Thoughts
  166. CTM/QSTM Query.. maybe someone can help :)
  167. Metasploit Knowledge for OSCP
  168. Security Analyst Job Advice for passionate security noobs
  169. OSCP journey starts 4/29/17, Lets go!
  170. XRY Advanced Acquisitions Course
  171. CBTNuggets: 8 of the difficult IT security certs
  172. eLearnSecurity MASPT v2 "Refreshed" - March 28 2017
  173. Job will pay for any certs. Which ones to get?
  174. Little confused with qualifications would make a difference in UK
  175. Trouble applying theory to actions
  176. Has anyone appealed an IAPP exam
  177. Anyone starting OSCE soon?
  178. Recomended screen real estate for OSCP (penetration testing in general)
  179. eLearnSecurity PTSv3 Review
  180. How old are the passers the oscp exam?
  181. eLearnSecurity PTSv3
  182. CREST Certified Infrastructure Tester (CCT INF) Exam Details Required
  183. eLearnSecurity
  184. Had anyone actually taken Cert-CSIH
  185. eCPPT certificate/course
  186. Cisco CyberOps vs CompTIA CSA+
  187. CRISC - Study material and exam
  188. Security Consultant Certs
  189. OSCP and OSWP
  190. Various security paths
  191. Beginning my OSCP Journey
  192. Free security tools to help you learn
  193. Router, FW, or any Other types of Logs
  194. Career Advice/Certification Advice
  195. XRY Advanced App Analysis
  196. Shfting career into Cyber Security
  197. eCPPT discount codes?
  198. Netwars Continuous
  199. need some proposation
  200. More XRY (Cell Phone Forensics) Training Completed!
  201. HCISPP Training Seminar Guidebook
  202. OSCP Passed
  203. Advice for Certifications
  204. Maybe moving to the "Dark Side" (because you guys have cookies :-))
  205. OSCP--Jumping in the ocean without knowing how to swim (#Ain't_Never_Scared)
  206. Started PWK looking for other friends to colaborate on IRC
  207. CompTIA Renewal
  208. 50% off security books
  209. Security Certification Track
  210. Aspiring penetration tester: need help choosing my next cert
  211. Starting OSCP on 26/02
  212. Start with eCPPT or straight to the OSCP?
  213. Free eJPT course on reddit
  214. Considering taking the CIPP G/T certifications in the near future
  215. Certification Advice
  216. Hacker Academy or other training sources.
  217. Certified Cloud Security Professional
  218. CSX Practitioner Certification
  219. Career guidance request
  220. File integrity monitoring and SQL injection prevention?
  221. Klcp
  222. Seeking pen testing career advice
  223. How to get into pen testing?
  224. Elearning security barebones invite
  225. A Software Developers journey through PWK/OSCP
  226. not sure where to share this
  227. A continuing OCSP journey.....
  228. My eJPT Experience
  229. OSCP Note Template
  230. Security Analyst vs Security Engineer Skills & Certs
  231. GIAC Cert Cost
  232. Free PTS course from eLearnSecurity
  233. Why choose CCSP over CISSP
  234. OSCP - Starting 15/01/17
  235. Malware Analyst Training
  236. What do you think of elearnsecurity vs offensive security ROI and skills for a "newb"
  237. Which of the Elite Three: CCIE, CISSP, or CEH?
  238. My Upcoming Challenge !OSCP!
  239. XRY Training - Smartphone Forensics
  240. Pentesting Studies, CTF, and other Prep work for OSCP
  241. My OSCP long journey
  242. Anyone tried Carnegie Mellon U's SEI training (no certifications involved) ?
  243. Incident Handling/SOC based Certification
  244. An advice for someone to start in security
  245. eJPT materials and studying methods
  246. Passed PCNSE 7
  247. eLearnSecurity's PTP Metasploit/Ruby Module
  248. Host Sweep and TCP port scans
  249. CISSP as a next step?
  250. Just wanted some quick opinions