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    Default pc switching on a switch

    I have a scenario, computers A and B are separated by a switch (they're on different switch interfaces).

    A and B send frames to each other and the switch eventually learns which switch interface goes with which computer.

    I then move A to the same side as B. A and B are now connected to the same switch interface. B then sends a message to A. Will the switch be able to locate A? How? Doesn't the switch table still contain A's old location?

    Thanks in advanced.
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    I'm sorry I don't know the proper terminology for this yet. If the tables are static (created by hand and do not automaticaly update until changed) then you have a problem. Most switches have dynamic tables that are continually updated. The values have a certain time to live setting that is very low. Couple of seconds or less. so the switch has to continually learn the new locations.
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    I believe if you reboot the switch(s), after making the hardware move. The switch(s) will figure out the new location of the machine(s).

    That us assuming you are using dynamic switching. Remember, a switch goes through like 6 steps, from, listening, learning, ecc.....
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