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    Default CISSP resources overview

    DISCLAIMER: Subjective. Based on the preparation and 250 questions received. Consider this wisely at your own discretion.

    Source Value Comment
    Sybex 7th Edition High Recommend using this as a main source if CBK or All-in-One is too much for you. The book covers almost all the required info.
    Syngress Study Guide High Great as a supplement. Easier to read and it has some info beyond Sybex, but overall the above books seem more comprehensive.
    Cybrary videos Kelly Handerhan High Repeating what has been stated many times here: Kelly's videos are amazing and help get the right mindset.
    Syngress 11th Hour Medium Good high level wrap-up. It takes a little time but still useful to go through before the exam.
    safaribooksonline Medium There are many different things you can find here, even if you only use it within the trial period.
    Sunflower summary pdf Low It is like an extended glossary of main terms and subjects. Low only means in comparison to the others since it contains much less information and you should not use it alone. But the cost (time you spend on it) is extremely low, so the cost-benefit is very positive.

    Test_Engine Cost Value Comment
    Sybex Test Bank $ High Overall it help you get in the right direction. There are many easy questions, but many good questions for the concept as well. Sometimes explanations are too short.
    CISSP Tests Study App (400 q) low$ Medium While most questions seem easy, the direction it gives is good. Very useful while you're on the way. Don't ride and take it simultaneously!
    CISSP Tests App (1300 q) low$ High Same as above but the volume is larger and questions are a bit harder which means totally recommended.
    Boson $ High It has many enjoyable questions even though being more focused on domains 1,3,4. Therefore, it is much more technical than the exam. Explanations are given in detail.
    CCCure $ High Useful source, though with a focus on networking. It contains great and detailed explanations. The benefit here is that you get access to the question banks of other good exams.
    McGraw-Hill Education Free Medium Much more technical than the exam but I found it to contain a lot of good stuff even if not extremely aligned with the exam.
    Syngress Free Medium Reasonable and recommended
    Skillset Free Low I used it only to a limited extent, it appeared not that convenient, but maybe you might have a different experience if you go deeper.
    Transcender $ I did not use it but let me place it here for reference considering this a popular test engige.

    - This forum and all you guys are fantastic! Your help is priceless.
    - The exam itself is, indeed, one mile wide and one inch deep. However, if you prepare diligently, you should be able to walk a couple of miles wide and a few inches deep. Developing as a pro is supreme, and you can still learn something from almost any of the above sources and test engines. I would encourage everyone to look at it as a great journey to take and leverage as much as possible, no matter if it appears on the exam or not.
    - Is the exam difficult? Well, fortunately, I have not seen my score, so it is not easy to say how well I did. It is definitely doable. Some of the test engines are much more technical than the exam, but even having the right mindset it may be challenging to get how exactly you are expected to behave in a certain scenario, so you have to apply a combination of what you've learnt, experience, managerial mindset, and common sense.
    - The exam is not a copy of any of the question banks, but it did not appear that far from them as sometimes reported. It aligns well with them in the area of understanding the principles.

    TOTAL: Passed

    Questions are welcome.
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    Nice one! I would agree with most of that.
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    Any discounts for the Boson or CCure test packs that anyone knows of?
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