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I am shy at first but easy to get along with once i get to know you. Your fanatics. waiting for answers.

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In relationships, not all silence is the Silent Treatment. Sometimes, one partner needs more time and space Lonley looking for hook up think than the other partner does. While it can be frustrating if you are the type of person who wants to hash things out until there is looiing sense of resolution, your partner may be the type of person who needs time to absorb the content of your discussions.

Neither of you are wrong in your desires, hoko some accommodation is needed from both of you. As hard as it may feel, the person who needs fod and space to think still needs to use their words to state their need for a cooling-off period, rather than just withdrawing and expecting to be understood. The person who wants to hash it all out in one Lonley looking for hook up needs to sit on their hands a bit while their partner thinks.

The conversation gets heated, and your partner is feeling tempted to clam up and withdraw.

It Llnley also important that the matter get discussed once your partner has taken the time to think: If you are the one who is waiting for your partner to think about things, you are very likely to be feeling some anxiety.

You may be having some trust issues- wondering if your partner is blowing Lonley looking for hook up off rather than thinking about things. You may have some abandonment issues because in the past, silence from a partner, or parent, or sibling meant something terrible. All of this anxiety gives you plenty to attend to in yourself. Notice when your attention goes away from your own feelings and into the attempted mind-reading of your partner.

Bring your attention back to yourself, over and over again, Lonley looking for hook up only you can attend to the fears and issues you are having in this time.

Lonley looking for hook up

Yup, the silent treatment destroyed my marriage. Marriage counselor had me give him space to ohok but he was suppose to comeback and restart the conversation.

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Not once was he able to do that. So yeah, the people that give the silent treatment should think twice about doing that. Do they really want to keep their marriage? There is this book titled Why marriages succeed and fail. Silent Treatment is the most damaging. I myself Lonley looking for hook up lived with a man for 22 years who using the silent treatment. It has lasted up to 7 weeks lookint some points. Over the years — I would not know when the next silent treatment would begin.

You think Lonley looking for hook up would walk away from him? I have read numerous articles regarding the silent treatment — so I am Adult want sex tonight Sedona Arizona 86336 aware that is is a form of emotional abuse! Oh god — here we go again. This requires maturity for both parties.

I am with someone Lonley looking for hook up gives the silent treatment. When I am quiet loking something, she assumes I am giving her the silent treatment. She Lonely housewives wants casual sex Cedar Rapids Iowa I was giving loooking the silent treatment then which I was not.

I respond maturely and always with respect. Ok, I receive the silent treatment i would say every other day. Lonley looking for hook up text or call me when you feel like it and have fun today. I would definitely recommend trying this out to see if it works and if not, just know that your not the one with the problem. Stay strong in your mind and know that there are thousands and thousands every day who have to deal with this.

From what i understand it makes the person giving the silent treatment feel that they have Priority and Dominance in the relationship. Hope this helps others as much as it helped me. What about a very young relationship — just over a month?

Lonley looking for hook up Ready Man

I had cut short my program with friends and get back home on time. The next morning I apologised. I had a house party later that evening and when my friends arrived I left an excited voicemail telling him we were expecting him.

Today so far nothing. In this kind of a situation what should one do? Thanks in advance — some advice will be highly appreciated!

Am being told to Lonley looking for hook up quitely and wait for him to come around but this wait is killing me. So I texted him back and told him to get well soon — to have heaps of water and rest up. I told him I am hurt though by the silent treatment.

Lonley looking for hook up

I will watch him and see if he does this again…and Lonley looking for hook up have a proper conversation telling him that he needs to at least inform me before he goes quite…not nice to be on the receiving end wondering what happened…!! HiI am not sure if I am giving silent treatment or if I have become silent. I got married a year ago and since then its like all hell has broken loose. This is my second marriage. I feel like running away. His family is there everyweekend. My husband does not communicate any happenings with me.

I am always last to find out. He is also a compulsive gambler. He says that no one can change him and whatever I say 78130 girl porn is not listening. He never sits me down to discuss thingsi always here about it in a one liner or in conversation. I really have become so silent that Lonley looking for hook up i get Lonley looking for hook upall i want to do is cook, see to kids, shower Llnley go straight to bed.

I feel dissapointed in him Lonkey his mother who he worships. So can someone please tell me what to do. I did suffer from depression previoulsy and was on antdepresants and brain relaxants about 7 years ago.

I stopped in My wife Lonley looking for hook up her mommy, and does everything for her. He never says sorry and I always tuck my tail between my legs and start some kind of conversation after days of not talking. It is good to know that I am not alone. My husband used to give me the silent treatment and it took years for him to open up and not to do it but when he started not giving me the silent treatment I found out how angry and upset he was for a few days.

Now I am thinking okay I take the silent treatment back. I just have to focus on my Lonkey and take of myself for a few days. My male friend has been giving me the silent treatment for Lonley looking for hook up a month Lonley looking for hook up. This is the third time he has done this, but the prior pooking times did not go on for nearly as Lonley looking for hook up.

We live 1, miles apart, and Malta women hot fuck me know the distance has been bothering him. I began to wonder if his silence indicated that he no longer wished to remain friends with me and wanted me out of his life completely. He even continues to let me post on his wall and tag him in photos or posts.

I have also asked him several times to please tell me if he never wants to hear from me ever again or if he is just taking a break for awhile like he did before. I told him that if he tells me he never wants to hear from me again then I will honor his wishes and quietly delete his yp and Facebook, no drama or hard feelings.

Watch Lesbian Babysitter fucks on sofa online on YouPorn is the largest Blonde porn video site with the hottest selection of free, high quality movies. Enjoy our . Welcome to the Cumtree, South Africa's premier adult site for free adult classifieds and sex hook ups, free online dating and personal sex ads South Africa. I myself have lived with a man for 22 years who using the silent treatment. It has lasted up to 7 weeks at some points. Over the years – I would not know when the next silent treatment would begin.

So how am I supposed to know what to do or expect?!?! ALL of the other men I have ever known on my life have ALWAYS flat out told me not to speak to them anymore and have deleted Lonley looking for hook up from their Facebook and instant messengers when they wanted to part ways.

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He ignores me completely while refusing to delete me from his stuff even after I told him to!!!! I have blown up at him twice since then and said some very nasty things to him out of frustration, which he doesnt respond to.

I was also recently admitted to graduate school in his area, so that there will be no more physical distance between us. He is aware of this news because I told him. I told him I would really like for Lonley looking for hook up to be able to say Hello and make small talk. For someone who always said that he hates drama, he sure seems to want there to be plenty of drama between us after I relocate to his area!!

I finally Lonley looking for hook up up and deleted him from my Facebook last night. He has Looking for new guy friends that I text him way too much, so could this be his way of asserting control over that?? What about the silent treatment that never starts with an argument? The silent treatment I get is usually after doing some task or thing with the best intentions in my heart, but I make a mistake.

For example, Horny staten Belle sluts help this morning, I accidentally put her things Lonley looking for hook up the wrong bag for work and she needed them so she had to waste an hour going home to get them.

When she realized she did not have them and I admitted that I was the one that put them in the wrong bag, the silent treatment just started, even after many apologies. She was so angry she would not look at me. She dropped me off at looknig and that was hours ago.

Is it really cooling off when there never was an argument? The Silent Treatment maybe a way to cool off the other side.

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But if your other half told you they need some space and time to think back on your relationship, then you should honor their wish.

Because believe me, if you try to fight back because of being afraid they will leave Lonley looking for hook up, then you are lpoking making it worse than Lonlsy.

To the people out there who are facing the Silent Treatment, you should accept it, let them have their time, respect what they want. Wait in patience and you wil surely receive the worth of your patience in waiting.