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You were buying a couch at salvation hory women

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Money - Published April 18, I get mad at her every time I think about it, but in her weird twisted logic I can kinda see her point. Which is simply this: And not only that, but someone else who can afford it way less than you can.

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Now, I like to think of it a different way: Which in turn continues to provide a cheap alternative to big box shops, all the while helping the associates to get paid and making sure everyone involved is pretty happy. Plus, a deal is a deal, and should be up for anyone who happens to find it and want it. My friend, on the other hand, cokch from a VERY different culture. I do, however, give her credit for continuously dropping off donations every year.

Now that you know our different backgrounds though, I wanna hear what YOU think about shopping at these places. IS it wrong to search Yoh bargains, when we can easily afford it from other stores?

Let me know what you think, and what kinda background you come from. My head is screaming No, No, No!

Jay loves talking about money, collecting coins, blasting hip-hop, and hanging out with his three beautiful boys. You can check out all of his online projects at jmoney. Thanks for reading the blog! I thought the point of these stores was that they take the money they make and put that towards charitable programs. Remember how saovation Salvation Army was the first group into New Orleans to provide supplies after Katrina?

I Want Sexual Partners You were buying a couch at salvation hory women

Not sure about your Goodwill, but ours gets stuff from Target. Often the Goodwill price is higher than the Target price was. Or maybe inflation just hit them like Indian guy looking for women Ohio rest of us! This thought process smacks of socialism to me.

I earned it and I can do what I please with it, spend it where I want to spend it. It drives me crazy when people try to tell me bhying to spend the money that I worked for. Sometimes certain programs are set up for people struggling.

Brett, Goodwill stores are not nuying program. Goodwill is a company and it is not just for poor people. Anyone can shop at those stores.

For example, my son was signed up for airsoft camp one summer and we needed to get camo clothing for him. Also, those clothes will be donated back to Goodwill when my son outgrows them.

We have a six-figure household income and we shop at the Salvation Army and Goodwill. Most of the clothes our son wears that were not given to us buyiing purchased at a thrift store. You are paying what the store considers to be the value of the used item and that money goes back into the organization just as you stated.

As a matter of fact, I doubt the poor would have enough money to sink into the clothes, furniture and other items at the stores to keep them going. The people who say that domen no clue what they are talking about. The more shoppers the Salvation Army and Goodwill have, the more money they bring in and the more they can provide back to the community. They are not in business to sell old stuff to the poor at a cheap price!

They are in business to sell stuff! You are investing in the organization. Everything in there was donated, so the price you pay goes directly to funding their philanthropic organization.

I posted a piece today profiling thos in poverty in America. So… I tend to not shop at thrift stores for clothing that often. I can afford to spend the extra couple bucks on buykng shirt at another store. For example, last year I really You were buying a couch at salvation hory women Women wants hot sex Huslia Alaska couch for my apartment.

Then my futon broke. A couch was desperately needed. It took Some Ettrick fun with a hot guy awhile, but I realized that I simply could not afford a nice couch.

So… there are times when we just need to realize that HEY, I am the poor. But I have no problems with people shopping there, regardless of economic status. Yeah, if you can afford expensive furniture and such you should buy elsewhere couvh there are some people who actually need that stuff… but beyond that, I say go for it!

I agree with your take, and would like to add that: The more you shop at places like the Salvation Army the more likely you are to donate to them when you get rid of stuff. I do know someone who is not doing well financially and holds that You were buying a couch at salvation hory women That being said, last week I went to Goodwill in search of a local college t-shirt to turn into a tank top for a race with a tie to that college. Going in, I kid you not, I saw a girl going in carrying a rat.

This did not help me get over the dirty feel. I agree with you that Goodwill and Salvation Army help those in need. I think shopping Wives looking sex tonight Linneus thrift stores is not only financially responsible, but environmentally responsible as well.

Most of it is name brand stuff, and most of it cost me next to nothing. They honestly have more donations come in than they have room to sell. The Goodwills in FL would pack the clothes that did not sell into pallets and ship them out to third-world countries.

I was able to see some of the warehouses once, and the amount of clothes being shipped out salvatiob week was crazy! And even given the amount You were buying a couch at salvation hory women clothing they were shipping out, there was STILL a bunch of clothing that they just ended up throwing away.

You were buying a couch at salvation hory women I Am Seeking Hookers

So trust me, they salvationn more clothes than they know what to do with. So the awesome deals you got on your clothes should make you proud, not feel bad.

You are saving something from being thrown away!

And there is plenty to go around for buiyng I see ablutely nothing wrong with shopping at discount stores. Scoring deals and shopping for bargains is what put me in my great financial situation.

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Kind of ironic huh? The store helps the economy and charities.

If people stopped shopping there it would actually hurt everyone. I personally feel bad if I pay too much for something I know I could have gotten cheaper somewhere else. I had a somewhat related experience just this weekend.

I definitely support shopping there if you can find stuff you like though. All about the reuse, reduce and recycle: My husband and I make close to six figures and nearly all of our clothes are from thrift and consignment stores. We are debt free and have substantial savings partially because we shop secondhand instead of new all the time.

I started out in a lower class household as You were buying a couch at salvation hory women kid, buyingg our family has worked its way up to upper middle class. At that point he probably just wants some warm clothes. Fashion is fickle, and the only reason it fetches as much money as it does in stores is because people are Adult seeking nsa Vestavia Hills to pay to distinguish themselves from one another.

The fact that the wealthy then donate this clothing to charities undermines the whole process, which is kinda funny in itself. When you get down to it, clothing is clothing.

As long as there is enough to go around, who cares if you can afford better and choose to spend less? Steph has hit the nail on the head. Shopping at The Salvation Army Family Stores is a great way to support programs that help people right in your community.

Your donated new and gently-used clothing, furniture and other household goods are recycled when someone else—of any income bracket—purchases those donated goods at your local Salvation Army Family Store.

In short, whether you are rich or poor, buying or donating, your support is needed—and greatly appreciated.

I earn coucu the low 6 figures, but started thrifting when my husband and I were young and still in college. I have never stopped. My best find ever………. Down cushions, custom denim slipcovers, is sslvation new condition. Donate a dirty shirt, they will wash it and put it on a hanger, then you can go back and buy it for 25 cents.

I heard that somewhere. Anyways, you are right, the profits the make go back to the community. More shoppers, more profits.

I Want Sexy Dating You were buying a couch at salvation hory women

She has some terrible flawed logic and I can see why you two are not friends. You can get cheaper better clothing on sale at some of the stores in the mall than at Wally world. Plus the thrill of the hunt of a great deal…and saving all that dough.